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About Us

We, Das And Sons Co., are aiming to become the leading source of ultra-advanced Physiotherapy and Ultrasonic Machines in the markets of India. For this, we are serving prolifically as a trader. Our company is thriving quickly and creating a large network of supply in the national markets with time. We are bringing items such as Interferential Therapy Unit, Physiotherapy Equipment, Interferential Therapy With Muscle Stimulator And T.E.N.S, Combination Therapy Unit, Electric Digital Ultrasonic Machine, and many more. Our target is to reach out to maximum number of required individuals in healthcare sector including hospitals, clinics, resellers, etc., and deliver a unique and an unforgettable business experience to every single one of them.

Being a progress-driven enterprise, our strategies revolve around the expansion of clientele network countrywide and retention of the existing clients for an everlasting time. To accomplish this, we are following strict work methodologies so that every consignment can be completed within scheduled timeline and as per given commitment. By maintaining the same, we seek to attain a brighter future of our company, which is filled with inevitable success. 

Our Future Goals

  • To widen our offered product range with time
  • To hire new employees and become faster in service
  • To expand our client network in different cities and states
  • To enhance our marketing techniques by adopting more innovative approaches

Vendor Base

We consider our respectful vendors as the core strength of company. Through their determination to serve and support us with absolute consistency, we are able to meet every specific requirement of customers without any hindrance. They ensure their offered machines match all required quality norms for performance, functioning, accuracy in output, etc. 

Customers Fulfillment

Our sheer intention always remains on working for the fulfillment and satisfaction of the customers. We have a well-organized work structure through which we effectively fulfill every urgent requirement of customers either for small or large order in the time of need. We always keep ourselves well-prepared with a large stock of quality assured and properly packed products including Interferential Therapy Unit, Physiotherapy Equipment, Interferential Therapy With Muscle Stimulator And T.E.N.S, Electric Digital Ultrasonic Machine, and various others.